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Four Adsense Tips : What not to Do

Four Adsense Tips : What not to Do

Author: Alan Lim

Most of the information you’ll find about AdSense tips will involve ideas about how to maximize your profit generation activities. However, knowing what you should do is only part of the picture. You also need to know what not to do. The tips below can help you prevent some of the biggest mistakes.

 AdSense Tips Master : Four Adsense Tips : What not to Do

Do Not Click Ads

Whether by accident or not, one of the best AdSense tips that can be offered about what not to do is that you should never click on the ads on your own site. Obviously, this could be a great way to artificially inflate your own revenue. You could just spend hours clicking on the ads and you’d eventually rack up a pretty nice bank for yourself.

However, Google takes this serious and for good reasons. While you may think it’s a great way to boost your own earnings, you are benefiting at the cost of other business owners who are sincere in their desire to drive real traffic to their sites. Because your earnings are a percentage of what these marketers are paying, your money comes at their expense. Plus, reports of this type of cheating can hurt the legitimacy of the program and that’s something Google does not want.

Never Reward Visitors

Another example of some good AdSense tips is never to offer incentives to site visitors who will click on your links. That even means begging and pleading. For example, you don’t want to suggest that the site will be closed down if people don’t visit the sponsors. Google also disproves of this practice for the same reasons as above. If you’ve done a good job on attracting targeted traffic, you don’t need to seem desperate in this way.

No Empty Pages

The temptation for lazy site owners might be to just throw up the AdSense code on an empty page and be done. While you won’t have to worry about any AdSense tips about designing a great page this way, you will end up with limited traffic and no interest in your ads. Visitors need to stick around long enough to notice and be intrigued by the ads. With no other content on the site, visitors are likely to be angry about the waste of their time and will take off quickly.

Realize the Penalties

Knowing that the above is not a good idea either because Google disproves of the process or because visitors won’t approve either may not be a major deterrent. However, the reality is that Google is serious about these issues and will suspend the accounts of anyone who violates the above and other policies.

As part of these AdSense tips, you should realize just how serious these violations are taken and what they can cost you in terms of future revenue through the program. There’s no reason to put yourself at risk like that. Instead, do the extra work and have the patience to get the revenue you want legitimately.
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