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Discovering the Adsense Secret - Five Points to Help You Succeed

Discovering the Adsense Secret - Five Points to Help You Succeed

Author: Alan Lim

Part of making the most of your AdSense account is understanding some of the important points that can either lead you to success or cause the total failure of your efforts. Obviously, you want more of the former and less of the latter. Here are points towards the AdSense secret.

 AdSense Tips Master : Discovering the Adsense Secret - Five Points to Help You Succeed

Topics to Avoid

Many people don’t realize that Google will not allow their AdSense advertisements to appear on certain sites. Those sites will deal with certain topics, such as gambling and prescription drugs. Guns, some types of weapons, and tobacco topics are also not allowed to host the ads. That means a good AdSense secret is to avoid these topics when you’re preparing your web site. Although these topics might be popular for searches, you don’t want these sites associated with the ones in which you are going to be hosting the ads.

Check the Ads

Another AdSense secret is that you need to check the ads that are listed on your pages. While the program normally makes good matches, sometimes there are problems. In most cases, those problems have nothing to do with Google and everything to do with something that needs to be changed on the page. For example, you may not have optimized the page for the proper keywords. The nice thing is that you can always contact Google if there’s a problem and they can offer you some guidance in making the necessary changes.

Block Some Ads

Here’s an AdSense secret you also may not have known: you have the ability to block some ads from appearing on your site even if they include the keywords your page is optimized for. Why would you want some ads not to appear? Well, there are a couple of reasons. First, there are going to be some ads that are nothing but scams. If you care about the quality of the ads you are presenting to your visitors (and you should be), then you don’t want to include those unethical sites. 

Another one of those issues is that if you are selling products or services on your site as well as earning revenue through the ad, you don’t want to be hosting sites which are from your competitors. Blocking them makes this AdSense secret quite valuable.

Use AdSense Tracker

In order to make the most of your AdSense account, you want to also make the most of another AdSense secret. The AdSense tracker is a great way for you to determine which of your pages are bringing in the most revenue and which ones are the most successful overall. This information will be very helpful as you continue your efforts and continue improving your ability to post ads.

Do Keyword Research

A final AdSense secret that you want to know is keyword research. This is a step in the process you don’t want to take too lightly. Remember using the proper keywords will lead targeted traffic to your site.

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