Saturday, December 11, 2010

AdSense products - an overview

Google AdSense have varity type of products for us to make money from our web pages.There are four basic types of AdSense products We can use.

  1. AdSense for content
Google AdSense for content is the most popular product in the internet to earn the money. Google AdSense help us earn money from our web page's content. Google AdSense provide us ads are our viewers looking for on our web pages.
Which give us a better chance of earning more money. We earn money every time a viewer clicks on our web page's ad.

  1. AdSense for Search
Google AdSense for search provide us a Google search box to place in our web pages. This websearch box is same as Google very own website's search box.
We can earn money from ads beside the search viewer's search results.

  1. AdSense for feeds
We can earn money by placing Google ads in our feeds like Atom or RSS .... AdsSense for feeds also works like other types of AdSense. We can master the format, frequency, and placing of Google ads in our feeds.
  1. AdSense for mobile content
AdSense for mobile content is just like AdSense for content. But in this case we can earn money from mobile web pages created on mobile devices or connected to a wireless network.

There some other types of Google AdSense products are available for us to earn the money such as AdSense for video, AdSense for mobile application, AdSense for TV, AdSense for games, and AdSense for domain ...... We will learn about those in later stage.

In our next post we will learn about How web page's content will help to earn the money.

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