Thursday, December 9, 2010

AdSense basics - an introdution

What is Google AdSense?

Simply, We can say, We are helping to Google by display the Google AdWords ads on our web pages, and then Google is paying us a share of the revenue they earn every time our visitors click on or view Google AdWords ads.

 Google AdSense is
    • Simple use to use
      1. Displaying Google ads on our web pages thats all.
      2. Get some codes from Google.
      3. Just put that codes on our web pages.
    • Cost nothing
      1. It is free.
      2. Minimal effort to set-up.
    • Earn Revenue
      1. Get paid from Google for displaying Google ads on our web pages.
      2. We can earn revenue for CPC (Cost-per-click) and CPM (Cost-per-thousand-impressions).
      3. Google have many payment options suitable to us.
    • Easy to maintenace
      1. Google provides relevent ads closey match to our webpages contents
      2. We can chose the ad format to match the our webpage's look and feel.
      3. Google provides simple, easy-to-understand statistics.
      4. Just We have to concentrate our effort on web page's content
          Now we understand Google AdSense is an application that allows us to Google AdWords ads on our web pages. Then Google pays us, a certain percentage of earning get from Google AdWords customers.

          Next post we will discuss about types of AdSense products.

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