Thursday, March 1, 2012

Google Makes Way for AdSense Toolbar

Google Makes Way for AdSense Toolbar and Chrome Plugins Development

Google Makes Way for AdSense Toolbar and Chrome Plugins Development By totaltoolbar Inc

Mid 2011 was a complete browser war period. Things stabilized only after the last quarter of 2011. Finally, we have the statistics as to which browser is preferable. While IE dropped its level completely, users became sick of Firefox’s frequent version change. Chrome showed durability. Concentrating on two chief principles—Speed and Security, Chrome continued to progress. It became a viable browser for almost every user hooked to the internet. While Firefox offered amazing plugins, Chrome offered speed and interactive web store.

Chrome web store is one of its luring factors. Offering direct access to applications neatly assembled under various categories, Google makes it convenient and attractive to choose Chrome as a browser. The browser offers several security settings and advanced Chrome Plugins/extensions development to cater to user’s needs efficiently without security threats. It quickly loads web pages and integrates with Google search. It starts opening some web pages in the background even before we finish typing.

Adding more valuable extensions to it, Google launches a Chrome toolbar for those who gain revenue through Google ads. Now, keeping track of clicks and monetizing your website is easy through a Google toolbar namely AdSense Publisher Toolbar. It offers the summary of user’s earnings on the current day, previous day, current month and previous month. Adsense toolbar provides adhoc reporting along with some interesting sections offering comprehensive account information.

It offers a “lifetime revenue” section. This section shows all your earnings since the day you activated an account with Google AdSense. The extension saves time and offers information at the tip of your fingers. This Google Chrome toolbar development seamlessly integrates with your browser and uses the API to fetch your earning information. In fact, the toolbar is not even visible to the users. The add-on occupies a very small space to avoid cluttering. In the name of toolbar, Google only adds a button to the address bar.
We have seen users active on AdSense through multiple accounts. However, keeping track of the earnings through each account is tedious. The AdSense toolbar takes away the hassle of switching accounts.

Due to the launch of a toolbar, it is possible to view earning information without having to leave the page. The toolbar comprises of the link that displays the AdSense dashboard. Similarly, custom Chrome plugin development offers access to various functionalities at in just one click without having to leave the page. Right from social networking, weather forecast, hotel reservation to the current stock prices, everything can accommodate in a toolbar.

Chrome offers easy third-party integration thereby helping users build their custom add-ons.
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