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Google Analytics tips for AdSense

Essential Google Analytics tips for AdSense

Author:Victor Awo

After putting your AdSense website together, you need to be able to keep track of how well it's doing. There are various ways to do this but one of the best and possible easiest ways is to use Google analytics. After applying, all you have to do is cut and paste a small piece of code to a section of your website. After which an incredible amount of information relating to your site is made available to you on Google's analytic user interface.

To use Google analytics for AdSense you have to be the owner of the site you want information on. You must also have access to the underlying code of the AdSense website that is uploaded to the server.
After you register, you are given a small piece of JavaScript which you paste into the section of the HTML just below the closing ‘body\' tag. For reference you should have a comment describing what the code actually is, just to remind yourself about its function in case you have to come back to it.

A wealth of information is made available to you about your AdSense site through Google analytics. You get figures about daily traffic levels as well as monthly averages. You get figures about your AdSense traffic sources; if they are organic traffic or if they are direct or referrals. You get information about the most popular pages in your AdSense website. You even get information about the keywords used to find your site through the search engines (invaluable material for any AdSense publisher).

But how do you use this information? What\'s the use of all the facts and figures you gather through Google analytics?

As an AdSense publisher it is essential that you know how many people are passing through your site and it is equally important to know where they are coming from. With this information you can begin to gain an understanding of the overall effectiveness of your marketing campaign. From the figures you can estimate how much you should be earning, especially if your Click-Through-Rates (CTR) is especially small. Using a simple AdSense calculator you can work out possible AdSense earnings by using the information available through Google analytics.

Also by using the information you can focus on areas of your marketing campaign that are proving to be particular successful. If you are getting a large number of visitors from forums for instance, Google analytics will tell you and the information can then be used to adjust your marketing strategy accordingly.

But the most valuable information that Google analytics provides, is the one relating to keywords. The information gives you the opportunity to focus on your page-specific and general keywords enabling you to fine tune their effectiveness. With keyword related information you can develop a strategy that will help you fine tune the quality and level of traffic going through your AdSense website. Ultimately, all this will help you drive more targeted and hence more receptive traffic through your website, resulting in a corresponding increase in your CTRs.

There is so much you can do with the information you get using Google analytics. Not all the information is useful. But a significant amount of it can be used to focus an AdSense publishers marketing campaign in order to achieve maximal success.

A publisher would be walking blind without a basic analytical tool at their disposal. And though it is not essential for success, it is crucial for the growth and development of all AdSense campaigns.

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